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Sanitary Disposal Units


Our sanitary bins come in a range of designs to fit washrooms of all sizes.

After installing your sanitary bins they will be serviced regularly according to your needs, most often on a four weekly or fortnightly schedule. To minimise any inconvenience and maintain our high standards we will completely change your sanitary bins on each service, taking away the used bins and replacing them with a sterilised replacement unit.

Unlike some hygiene companies that cut costs by emptying sanitary bins on site or in their vehicle, all disposals, cleaning and sanitising of our sanitary disposal units are carried out at our depot. We’re fussy about that because we want to provide the highest quality service as well as the best hygiene possible.

In addition, all our sanitary bins are delivered and collected in large protective bags reducing exposure to your staff and clients while in transit. And while some hygiene companies use cheap fragranced bin liners, all our sanitary bins contain an eco-friendly sterilising vapour disc with essential oils to inhibit bacteria growth and neutralise odours.

Our sanitary bins are available in the following sizes:

  • Standard Sanitary Disposal Unit – Capacity 29 litres, 66cm high, 29cm wide, 17cm deep.
  • Compact Sanitary Disposal Unit – Capacity 25 litres, 65cm high, 14cm wide, 29cm deep.
  • No Touch Sanitary Disposal Unit (works with an auto sensor) – Capacity 26 litres, 54cm high, 18cm wide, 34cm deep.

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