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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few common questions answered. If you have any more queries about washroom hygiene, sanitary disposal services or anything else please be in touch.

Q: How often do we need our washroom serviced?

A: Most of our clients have their sanitary bins replaced every fortnight or every four weeks but it depends on how many people use your washroom and how often. We’ll be able to estimate washroom usage by taking into account how many staff members will use the washrooms, if they will also be used by patrons, the number of cubicles and your business hours. Give us a call or complete our contact form with those details if you’d like to get a washroom hygiene quote for your business.

Q: How often will we be invoiced for your washroom hygiene services?

A: We offer flexible invoicing and can arrange this to a period suiting your needs. Call us now or complete our contact form letting us know what would work best for you and we’ll do our best to help.

Q: What areas of Sydney do you service?

A: We supply sanitary disposal services to many areas of Greater Sydney.

Q: Can Active Hygiene supply us with our toilet paper, hand towel, facial tissues and the like?

A: Yes we can, we can provide everything for your washroom, we stock standard size toilet rolls, jumbo toilet rolls, interleave toilet paper, interleave hand towel, centre pull hand towel, roll hand towel and facial tissues and more. We also offer standard and premium ranges of paper products.

Q: How do we know when our washroom hygiene service has been completed?

A: We can provide a service docket each time we visit so you know your service has been completed.

Q: We do not want our sanitary bins emptied and attempted to be cleaned inside our ladies washrooms as our last sanitary service company did. What does your company do?

A: We’re sorry to hear you had a bad experience with another washroom hygiene company but don’t worry, we will never clean the bins on your premises. Many companies clean sanitary bins on site or in their vehicles to save time and money and avoid being limited by how many bins fit in their vehicle. Sanitary services like that are cheaper but they do compromise hygiene standards and inconvenience businesses. Rest assured all our sanitary disposal units are cleaned and sterilised at our depot and all contaminated waste is disposed of by incineration in accordance with local government guidelines. No cleaning is done on site, just a simple swapping of used bins for sanitised bins.

Q: How do your prices compare to other hygiene companies?

A: We prefer to compete on quality and offer premium sanitary services in Sydney for the best possible price. Contact us now to get a quote and find out how competitive our prices are for your company or business.

Q: Will our service person be easily identifiable?

A: Yes a member of our service team will be wearing a uniform at all times.